Prom Confiscated Items-Do NOT Bring


Please be aware that the following items will be confiscated before entering the venue
• Alcohol
• Outside Food, Beverages or Liquids (cans, bottles, boxes, flasks, mouth wash, etc.)
• All Tobacco Products (pipes, vaporizers, E- cigarettes, ect.)
• Any Illegal Substances
• Canes and Zoot Chains (Wallet Chains)
• Eye Drops (Test or Toss)
• Glow in the Dark Items
• Gum/Open Mint Containers 
• Perfume/Cologne Bottles
• Lighters/Matches
• Markers (Permanent) and/or Paint
• Pens and Pencils (Anything you can use to write with)
• Weapons/Sharp Objects 
• Any items that can be used as a Weapon
• Cell Phone Wall Chargers (Portable chargers OK)
• Deodorant  
• Aerosol Cans (hairspray, mace, pepper spray, etc.)
• Hand Sanitizer
• Lanyards or Heavy Key Chains
• Over the counter medications of any kind 

**Any prescription medication will be flagged by security. It will be up to the school’s administration to determine whether the student will hold onto the medication or if an administrator will hold onto it. 
**Note: All prescription medication needs to come in the original bottle, with the prescription label, with the students name on it.